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The 'Dawnderdash' (107 images)

The Dawnderdash was a fundraising event organised by the Parent Council to raise funds for the after school clubs and took place at The Bield at Blackruthven Farm. Children ran laps of a circuit and 3 complete laps equalled 1 mile. They all had great fun!

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The Great Ruthvenfield World Book Day Bake Off 2017 (36 images)

On World Book Day we had the first Great Ruthvenfield World Book Day Cake Show. Pupils entered the competition by creating a World Book Day themed cupcake (at home) and bringing it in for our judges Miss Mary Berry MacKenzie and Mr Paul Hollywood Clark to deliberate on. There were over 25 entries and all the judging was carried out without the judges knowing who had baked which cake. The initial entries were whittled down to 10 finalists based on how well the cupcake decoration fitted a book theme. The 10 finalists were then judged on taste as well as appearance, resulting in a April and Jamie C coming 3rd, Morgan in 2nd place and Jordan in 1st place. Below are pictures of all the entries.

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World Book Day 2 March 2017 (7 images)

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Careers Fair 2016 P4/5 (5 images)

On Tuesday 16th February 2016, P4/5 enjoyed a visit from local business from our community. The purpose of the visit was to find out about a range of jobs and to link the skills required for these occupations to the skills we learn in school. Pupils asked a range of pertinent questions and the visiting representatives were most impressed with their level of question, enthusiasm and interest.

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Day of Song 2016 (7 images)

P4-7 pupils joined schools from all over Perth and Kinross in Perth Concert Hall to take part in a Day of Song. The day took an artistic theme and we prepared artwork using Impressionists techniques. We also dressed up in a 'Pointillist' style with lots of spots and dots. We learned songs in English and French and performed alongside the band. Nicole and Jessica represented our school on stage to take part in the drama activity. We enjoyed a pleasant lunch break outside in the sunshine.

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Scots Poetry Competition 2016 (8 images)

P4/5 each learned a Scots poem to recite to the class. The finalists were Ethan and April from P4 and Jodie and Morgan from P5. Morgan was the overall winner. In the afternoon we had a fantastic ceilidh to show off all the dances we had been learning. It was a great day.

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